ship and yacht crew crisis insurance

ship and yacht crew crisis insurance


This insurance cover has been designed to enhance the Crewsure range of products working in line with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and the ITF Collective Bargaining Agreement.

What Is Covered?

Crisis response: This cover will pay up to US$150,000 for each crew member for crisis consultation expenses incurred during the crisis period, which is customarily 30 days..

Who Is Covered?

Cover is available as an extension to crew declared and insured under a Crewsure Marine plan.

Covered Crises

  • Wrongful detention or kidnapping of crew
  • Blackmail or extortion
  • Political threats
  • Disappearance
  • Hi-jack of the ship in which the crew is  employed
  • Terrorism (limited to 10 days of cover)
  • Violent crime

Extra Expenses

The policy also provides an additional US$15,000 per Insured Person if they are acting on the direct instructions of the Crisis Consultants including, but not limited to, the following expenses:

  • Emergency Political Evacuation
  • Legal Expenses
  • Fees and expenses of an independent interpreter
  • Costs of relocation travel and  accommodation
  • Fees for emergency medical care incurred within 12 months of the insured event
  • Fees and expenses of security guards temporarily retained solely for the purpose of protecting the insured person located in the country where the event occurred

Key Exclusions

Excluding the payment of any loss directly or indirectly caused by:

  •  An actual or alleged violation of the laws of the host country or a failure to maintain and possess duly authorised and issued required documents and visas.
  • The payment of any ransom.
  • Losses arising out of war risks.
  • Loss or damage to property, or any consequential loss.-