Seafarers deserve the same care and concern, the same right to benefits, the same access to the best medical treatment, the same security expected and enjoyed by those who work ashore. This is the vision that has inspired Crewsure.

For too long the tough life of the seafarer has gone unnoticed, but that has now changed. Legislation is bringing reform and improvements to working conditions, and Crewsure offers a product for this moment. Crewsure Marine is a single insurance policy embracing today’s needs and benefits; personal to the seafarer, yet paid by the employer. At last a seafarer’s insurance can match that of the shoreside employee.

From the outset collaboration with the Maritime Community has been fundamental to Crewsure’s development. Discussion with representatives of both employers and employees has engendered enthusiasm and support, and the collegiate approach will continue to underpin Crewsure’s future growth.

We have developed Insurance products that recognise the needs, concerns and differing legal requirements of seafarers and have sought to distinguish between those who serve the commercial shipping community and those aboard yachts.

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May 2023

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Apr 2022

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Crewsure News

Jun 2021


The following attachment is an email we recently received from Mayf...

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